It Was A Truly Mad Tea Party....

Lou Lou
13 September 1985
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Darkenedgaze is a 21 year old History and English Student from the UK. She likes reading, watching movies, Fangirling, listening to music and her friends. She hates to be betrayed and expects loyalty from those she lets into her life. She is an uber geek and proud of it. She has an unhealthy obsession for Sean Bean and potatoes. She has been known to have a foul temper and easily loses it. She loves to laugh and is prone to giggling fits when provoked. She is incredibly ticklish. She loves to eat ice-cream in winter. She has a wonderful boyfriend to whom she is devoted. She loves Xena and WWE. She's an icon whore. She is currently studying at The University of Wolverhampton. Add her if you'd like to know more.

*Name:- Louise Susan Margaret Elizabeth Windsor
*Nicknames:- Lou/Munchkin/Little Miss Naughty/Mistress Minx/Morwen
*Age:- 20
*Born:- Friday 13th September 1985
*Starsign:- Virgo
*Chinese Zodiac Sign:- The Ox
*Heritage:- English/Irish/Egyptian/Gypsy
*Religion:- Undecided/Unconfirmed
*Sexuality:- Straight
*Status:- In love.
*Personal Motto:- Dum Spiro Spero! (While I live, I hope!)

*Height:- 5’2
*Body Shape:- Hourglass
*Hair Colour:- Dark Brown
*Eye Colour:- Dark Brown
*Skin Type:- Tanned Sienna
*Best Feature:- My eyes.
*Worst Feature:- My nose.
*Distinguishing Feature(s):- My breasts. Their rather large, and stick out from a small frame, lol.

*Food:- Potatoes (in any form)
*Drink:- Sprite!
*Animal(s):- Llama/Panther
*Colour:- Green
*Book:- The Dragonlance Chronicles by Weiss and Hickman
*Band:- The Kinks
*Movie:- Willow.
*TV Show:- Xena: Warrior Princess and Stargate SG1
*Fandom(s):- Xena, Harry Potter, Stargate, LoTR
*Ships:- Harry/Draco, Jack/Sam, Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/Joxer, Xena/Ares
*Character(s):- Callisto (XWP), Xena (XWP), Tasselhoff Burrfoot (Dragonlance Chronicles), Bellatrix Black (Harry Potter), Daniel Jackson (Stargate SG1).
*Season:- Autumn
*Person:- Emma!

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Is Love

Callisto is Psycho Barbie Love

Xena/Gabrielle is Love
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